Bassoon Basics

  • U.S. Army Field Band Bassoon Section
  • Topics covered: Introduction, Assembling the Bassoon, Putting the Bassoon Away, How to Hold the Bassoon, Tone Production, Technique, Choosing and Adjusting Reeds, How to Ensure Your Bassoon is in Good Repair, Bassoon Method Books & Solos
  • Bassoon Basics Supplement: U.S. Army Field Band
  • Bassoon Tips: U.S. Army Field Band

Music & The Bassoon

  • Over 360 tunes to play, including folk tunes, popular songs, classical music, technical exercises, and “play by ear” assignments for beginners through professional players.
  • Many audio clips so you can hear professional bassoon playing on the tunes you are studying, and get a good sound in your head for which you can strive.
  • Many instructional videos that will help you see and hear how to play bassoon well.
  • Over 50 duets or canons where you can play in harmony with the audio clip.

Bassoon Digital Professor

  • Videos by Terry B. Ewell, professor at Towson University and former President of the International Double Reed Society

Fox Resource Center

  • Website includes instruction guides, information guides, fingering charts, etc.

Bassoon Master Classes

Recommended Listening

Recommended Artists

  • Bubonic Bassoon Quartet
  • Christopher Millard