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The Complete Percussionist

  • U.S. Army Field Band Percussion Section
  • -Snare: Drum Grip, Wrist Stroke, Accents, Rolls, Flams, Ruffs, Four Stroke Ruff
    -Accessories: Triangle, Tambourine, Bass Drum, Crash Cymbal, Suspended Cymbal, Bass Drum Cymbal Attachment
    -Keyboards: Basic Technique, Xylophone, Chimes, Vibraphone, Bells
    -Timpani: Getting Started, Set-up, Body Position, Grips, Mallet Position, Mallet Types, Basic Technique, Stroke, Dynamics, Rolls, Tuning, Intonation, Interval Recognition, Advanced Technique, Pitch Adjustment, Pedaling, Sticking, Dampening, Muffling, Mallet Selection

Master Classes

  • Neil Percy, London Symphony Orchestra Principal Percussionist
  • Nigel Thomas Part 1, Part 2, London Symphony Orchestra Principal Timpanist

Recommended Listening for Concert Percussion

Innovative Percussion

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Percussive Arts Society

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  • PASIC, Conventions and Festivals

Steve Weiss Music

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