Instrument Purchase, Repair, & Method Books

No student will be denied the opportunity to participate in the band program based on the quality/brand of their instrument. Achievement is enhanced when students perform on quality instruments and understand how to properly care for their instruments. The intent of these documents is to serve as a guide for parents and students as they navigate the many options that are available for aspiring musicians who seek to upgrade their instruments and/or purchase the necessary materials to perform required routine maintenance on their instrument.

  • All Musicians Should Own a Metronome and a Tuner.
  • It is better to buy a quality, used, professional instrument than a new beginner/intermediate instrument. Many new instruments will never play in tune, and no amount of practice or hard work will help you make such an instrument sound good.
  • Quality mouthpieces/reeds have a profound impact on the quality of your sound. Do not underestimate the value of a quality mouthpiece/reed!
  • Routine maintenance can prevent the majority of reasons you would need to send an instrument to the repair shop. Clean instruments = Happy/working musicians.

*Speak with Band Director &/or Private Instructor before purchases to ensure best deal and appropriate choices. Always try the instrument/mouthpiece before purchase*

Double Reeds
French Horn

Method Books

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Please note that the prices listed in these documents represent an average. Prices will fluctuate with the market.