Trombone, A Player’s Guide

  • A production by the United States Field Band, Topics Covered: Introduction, History of the Trombone, Tools of the Art, Assembly and Maintenance, Breathing and Buzzing Basics, The Warm-Up, Basic Articulation, Slide Technique, Tuning, Style and Versatility
  • Trombone Clinic: U.S. Army Field Band
  • Trombone Range Extension: U.S. Army Field Band

London Symphony Orchestra Master Class

Tom Riccobono: High Register Exercises; Vibrato Exercises; Articulation Exercise; Metronome Practice; Berlioz Hungarian March;
Trombone Masterclass
with Ralph Sauer of the Los Angeles Philharmonic
Trombone Slide Technique with Deborah Weisz
Proper Breathing Techniques with Deborah Weisz

Great Trombone Listening

Recommended Artists

  • Joseph Alessi
  • Christian Linberg
  • Arthur Pryor

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra low brass section performs:

Southeast Trombone Symposium Professor’s Choir performs:

Columbus State University Trombone Choir performs:

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