Student Leaders

2017 Spring Leadership Meetings: May 30, June 1, June 8, June 13: 3:15 – 4:45 pm

2017 Student Leadership

2017 Student Leader Mission Statement: To develop a supportive community that fosters ensemble and individual growth.

Drum Major: Julie Brewer
Band Captain: Danielle McCauley

Piccolo Section Leader: Danielle McCauley
Flute 1 Section Leader: Tiffany Tian
Flute 2 Section Leader: Charlotte Terry
Clarinet Section Leader (1sts): Melanie Kasch
Clarinet Section Leader (2nds): Olivia Bissell
Clarinet Section Leader (3rds): Scotty Larsen
Alto Saxophone Section Leader (1sts): Chuck Watson
Alto Saxophone Section Leader (2nds): Gabriel Barrett
Low Reeds Section Leader: Timothy Gulyn
Trumpet 1 Section Leader: Woody English
Trumpet 2 Section Leader: Emily Louis
Mellophone Section Leader: Bri Lewis
Baritone 1 Section Leader: Reece Preisser
Baritone 2 Section Leader: Elizabeth Lundy
Tuba Section Leader: Enrique Drake
Battery Section Leaders: Jessie Oblon, Owen Gorman & Megan Kresse
Front Ensemble Section Leaders: Grace Buehlmann, Nathalie Bernard, & Evan Rusk
Color Guard Captain: Sami Lewis
Color Guard Asst. Captain: Nancy Jamison
Color Guard Equipment Manager: Francis Freeman-Moore

Equipment Manager: TBA
Music Librarian: Grace Buehlmann