Jam Sessions

Jam Sessions occur each Friday in the Band Hall from 3:15 – 5:00 pm. These sessions are for students who are enrolled in the music program at Yorktown.
Jam Session Etiquette

Next Jam Session – Friday, September 26

Jam Session Tips:

  • Memorize each Head – play them in multiple keys to make sure you really know them – think about the relation of the notes in the melody to the chords.
  • Memorize the chord changes – Play through the chords as arpeggios in time, and see if you can transpose them to new keys.
  • Listen to Recordings – When possible, listen to recordings where the composer is playing the chart, listen for the phrasing, the style, the rhythms! Lead Sheets are not always 100% accurate.
  • Transcribe – listen to professional musicians solo on these songs, and begin transcribing their ideas.
  • Chords & Complimentary Scales

Find Charts for Jam Sessions Here!