Financial Obligations

2017-2018 Payment Schedule

Ensemble Due Date Regular Cost Reduced Lunch Cost Free Lunch Cost
Marching Band Camp (Includes Color Guard) (YBB) May 31 $500 $200 $100
Marching Band Program Cost (Includes Color Guard) (YHS)
*see below for additional costs
August 18
$250 $112 $50
Band Program Cost (Symphonic & Concert Band) (YHS) September 11
$50 $25 $12
Big Band Jazz Ensemble (YBB) October 7 $75 $40 $25
Jazz Combo (YBB) January 13 $25 $12 $6
Spring Trip (YBB) November 1 $500 $250 $125
Indoor Percussion Ensemble (Indoor Drumline) (YBB) December 1 $500 $250 $125
Winter Guard (YBB) December 1 $500 $250 $125
Instrument Rental payable (YHS) Upon Rental $100 $50 $25

Additional Costs:

  • Concert & Symphonic Band –Bow tie & tux shirts are not provided by the Boosters. Students provide their own.
  • Registration fees for participation in All-District Band, Solo & Ensemble, College Band Days, etc. are the financial responsibility of the participating student.

* Marching Band – The additional costs below are not included in the chart above. Checks for these items are made payable to Yorktown High School. Due Date: August 18

  • $37 – Shoes (if you need them). Students can use black MTX shoes from previous seasons as long as they fit.
  • $50 – Percussion (if your student plays in either the front ensemble or battery) Covers the cost of instrument repair/purchase, replenishing mallets, sticks, drumheads, etc.
  • $50 – Guard (if your student spins in the guard). This covers cost of equipment & flags.

2017-2018 Financial Obligations
Yorktown Band & Color Guard Program

This document represents a summary of expenses that members of the YHS Band and Guard programs may incur during the 2016-2017 school year. The prices listed for the Spring Trip and Winter programs (Indoor Drumline & Winterguard) may be adjusted, as they do not reflect possible underwriting and/or donations.

Financial assistance is available. Cost should never prohibit student participation. Contact Mr. Bersh directly at for more information. Below is a description of what each cost covers.

Items Payable to Yorktown Band Boosters

  • Marching Band Camp: Covers the cost of 6 days of band camp, including transportation, food, lodging, rental truck, staff, and other operating costs.   $500
  • Jazz Costs: Covers cost of clinicians, music, & competition events. $75 (BB), $25 Combo
  • Spring Trip: Covers cost of trip including transportation, some meals, lodging, registration fees, and other operating costs. $ 500
  • Indoor Percussion Ensemble & Winter Guard: Covers cost of staff, clinicians, music, copyright permissions, drill/staging, uniform, and competition events including registration fees, transportation, and truck rental. $ 500
  • Lost Music & Lost Folder: Covers cost of replacing each page of lost music sheets and music folders. Music: Exact cost as invoiced by publisher, including shipping and handling: ~ $1-10; Folders: ~ $10 – 15 plus S/H.

Items Payable to Yorktown High School

  • Marching Band Program Cost: Covers cost of staff, clinicians, music, copyright permissions, drill/staging, and competition events including registration fees, transportation, truck rental, and show t-shirt (for Marching Band). This fee also covers the costs associated with cleaning and maintaining the marching band uniform.  $250
  • Band Program Cost: Covers cost of cleaning, maintaining, and storing concert attire. Costs also go toward the purchase of concert literature and clinicians. $50
  • MB Color Guard or MB Percussion: Covers the cost of consumables. $50
  • Shoes – (if needed) Students can use black MTX’s from previous seasons. $37
  • Instrument Rental: Set by Arlington County Public Schools. Instrument rental charge is payable to Yorktown High School. Payment due upon receiving the instrument. $100
Checks payable to Yorktown Band Boosters
should be mailed to:
Yorktown Band Boosters
PO Box 7041
Arlington, VA 22207
Checks payable to Yorktown High School
should be handed to Mr. Bersh or mailed to:
Yorktown High School
ATTN: Brian Bersh
5200 Yorktown Blvd
Arlington, VA 22207

Write the student’s full name in the memo line & indicate the fee being paid for all checks.

**Should you choose to pay multiple costs up front in one check, please write the student’s full name and each fee you are paying in the memo line.

Payments may also be made online from the Online Payments page.