Meet The Boosters

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Show your support for the Yorktown Band Program by joining the Yorktown Band Boosters. You can become a member by making a tax-deductible
donation of $35 — or contributing at one of the other donation levels:

  • Booster Member $35—$74
  • First Chair’s Friends $75—$124
  • Conductor’s Team $125—$249
  • Director’s Club—$250—$499
  • Trustee’s Circle $500+

Checks made payable to: Yorktown Band Boosters

2016-2017 YHS Band Booster Contacts

Executive Board

Co-Presidents Kim Brewer ’18
Marna Louis ‘18
Secretary Kim Baxter ‘20
Treasurer Sabrina Brassard ’18
Co-Treasurer Marching Band Steve Jensen ‘17
Co-Treasurer Spring Trip Sheri Harris ’19
Volunteer Coordinator Marie Milnes-Vasquez ‘19

Year-round activities

Apparel Coordinator Margaret Goss ’18
APS Arts Advisory Committee Rep Karen Lewis ‘20
Concert Programs Lori Kresse ‘18
Equipment Transportation Charles Lundy ‘19
John Rusk ‘18
First Aid Margo Lewis ‘18
Fund Raising Coordinators Sara Bailey ’20
Hospitality Amy Engel ‘19
Middle School Events Judy Gonzalez ‘19
Newsletter Nicole Arthur ‘20
Photography Heather Hesslink ‘17
PTA Liaison Marta Perez-Drake ‘18
Public Relations Camille Scarborough ’17
Supplies / Purchasing Ellen Flynn ‘19
Website Assistance Wanda Cortes Blakeslee ’17
Coordinators of Uniforms
Marching Band Fittings Claire Rusk ‘18
Marching Band Assignments Alison Cuellar ‘19
Concert Attire Fittings Deborah Morone ‘19
Marching Shoes Laura Jensen ‘17

Marching Band

Band Camp Coordinators Marna Louis ‘18
Marie Milnes-Vasquez ‘19
Welcome Back BBQ Natalie Dristas ‘17
First Day Breakfast Wanda Cortes Blakeslee ’17
Football Game Supervisors Paul Brewer ‘18
Carlos Celestino ‘17
Senior Night Marta Perez Drake ’19
Ellen Flynn ‘19
Marching Band Banquet Cherie Kasch ‘18 ‘20
Catherine Terry ‘18

Seasonal Events/Activities

Band Day Karen Lundy ’16
Band Day Breakfast Anita Hinders ‘17
Winter Guard Parent Coordinator Margo Lewis ’18
Poinsettias Carole Turner ’18
Dawn Bova ‘20
Jazz Festival Coordinator Suzette Niess ’16 ‘18
Jazz Festival Concessions Camille Scarborough ‘17
Spring Trip Coordinators Marie Milnes-Vasquez ‘19
Sara Bailey ’20
Chili Cook-Off Joyce Kyle ‘18
Bill Wine ’19
Indoor Percussion Parent Coordinator Michelle Buehlmann ‘18

To volunteer for a vacant position or find out more about volunteering, please contact