Donors Choose is a nonprofit that connects public school teachers with people who want to support classroom learning. Simply log on and choose a project, and then you can donate any amount to the cause.

Last year, donors contributed funds for the band to purchase 3 brand new congas. Currently, Yorktown has a project titled:
Young Musicians Looking to Share their Music!
We are raising money for the purchase of 5 PreSonus AudioBox Digital Audio Interfaces.
What’s that?

A Digital Audio Interface translates analog audio from mics into digital audio that can be edited from a computer (For example, it would enable us to record and edit this concert from a Digital Audio Workstation like Pro Tools.) This tool will be used in the Music Theory courses to teach students how to record and edit audio.

How do you contribute?
Go to, create a “Giving Page” with your name and email. Then find a project you support (hopefully Yorktown’s!) and donate whatever amount you feel is appropriate. Then, it’s just like making a purchase at Amazon – check out and receive your confirmation.