Welcome to the Yorktown High School Band Booster Website. Congratulations to the Yorktown Band for their designation as a 2018 Virginia Honor Band for their Superior Ratings at this year’s Marching and Concert Band Assessments! Recent accolades for the Yorktown Music Department include being named a GRAMMY Signature Schools semi-finalist and receiving a SupportMusic Merit Award from BCME_17_ƒCMYKThe NAMM Foundation, for outstanding commitment to music education.

Band Bulletin: Bulletin 35, 4/16-4/29
2017-2018 Band Syllabus (updated 10/11/17)
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  • Congrats to the Yorktown Symphonic Band and the Yorktown Big Band Jazz Ensemble for their recognition by the Foundation for Music Education! Yorktown Symphonic Band: 2016 National Wind Band Honors – VA State Level Winner. Yorktown Big Band Jazz Ensemble: 2016 National Jazz Honors – VA State Level Winner.
  • See the video of Yorktown’s World Premiere of Voyage here!
  • View the The Yorktown Bands Welcome Video here!
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  • Catch a full recap of the 2016-2017 band’s accolades here!
  • APS did a special story on our Sevdah Commission Project!

What Are People Saying About The Yorktown Bands?

  • “Trombones, that was amazing – very nicely done! Great tone, great projection, and great blend throughout the whole process. Very Effective!” Adjudicator, Chantilly Jazz Festival
  • “There’s got to be a lot of All-State players in this band – yeah, wonderful job . . . I’ll tell you what, that [A Festive Overture] is really well prepared, that’s very well prepared. There were some magical moments there ladies and gentlemen . . . You get that sizzle that most high school bands can’t get, you only hear it in college bands, but boy it was right there [Chorale and Alleluia] . . . just incredible high school maturity with the sonority of those low reed voices. ” Adjudicator, VBODA Concert Assessment
  • “What a beautiful band – a really, really fine playing group with the attention to detail and the sound quality, the textures, timbres – really first rate. . . Just very impressive, full, deep, rich sound . . . Just a really well-designed program. The band plays great – depth of sound, good understanding of phrasing, style, blend and balance – good for you! Yeah, wow.” Adjudicator, VBODA Marching Band Assessment.
  • “Wow. What a great Band. . .  Wow. Outstanding! Outstanding. Great band. . . . a great band – A Great Band! Wow, what a wonderful show.” Adjudicator, VBODA Marching Band Assessment.
  • “There were some stunningly beautiful moments in that, and really mature playing on a difficult piece [Variations on a Shaker Melody] . . . That was as good of trumpet playing as I’ve heard in quite some time on this piece, nice work. . . There is an awful lot about this program to like – it is a developing program that is clearly serious about what they’re doing, a young conductor who’s just really in tune with his students, and some beautiful, beautiful moments.” Adjudicator, VBODA Concert Assessment.
  • “You can’t play Copland unless you can do unisons and octaves and fifths, and you really did that beautifully . . . Aspects of [Variations on a Shaker Melody] that were just stunning.” – Clinician, National Concert Band Festival.
  • “You’ve done a really nice job with a difficult and significant program. You should be commended for your hard work and dedication and your high quality performance. Thank you so much for coming to the festival, for being part of a great weekend, and for your really strong contributions to the percussion festival. I’m happy you made it and we hope that you’ll choose to come back here in the future.” – Clinician, National Percussion Ensemble Festival.
  • “Your program here at Yorktown is World-Class and has a glowing reputation . . . I’ve heard your bands before and everybody’s familiar with the good work that’s happening here” Adjudicator – Regional Essentially Ellington Jazz Festival.
  • “Congratulations Yorktown, your band is killin,’ you’ve got a great program here, I love everything about it here – the enthusiasm, your choice of material, your presentation was spectacular . . . Top marks for you, I couldn’t be more complimentary.” Adjudicator – Regional Essentially Ellington Jazz Festival.
  • “Oh, GET OUT OF HERE! Wow, I’m just completely mesmerized. That’s great. Bravo. . . Clearly there is a strong technical foundation, the players obviously know what they’re doing. It was fun to watch this group grow over the course of the season. The performance quality is great – off to a great start in Open Class. Congrats.” Judges, Indoor Percussion Championships
  • “I’m one of those older walkers who is privileged to enjoy your beautiful music as I circle the track in the evenings . . . many thanks for making my walks so magical.” – Arlington Community Member